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System Preview: Organisations

One of the key mechanics and themes of the Aereon setting will be organisations. Here is a teaser into how they are going to work.


All organisations in Aereon start with a High Concept and Trouble. The High Concept describes how the organisation is funded or kept together, while the Trouble should reveal what kind of threats the organisation faces while in pursuit of its goals.

In addition, organisations have one or more additional aspects that represent additional facets of the organisation, such as the face, the leadership, and internal struggles.

During the game, these Aspects can be invoked or compelled as if they belonged to every character affiliated with the organization.

Organisation Approaches

Unlike characters, organizations don’t have Skills to use on a particular problem. Instead, organizations have Approaches, which describe the effectiveness of the organization by the style of the action the organization is trying to accomplish. For example, an organization calling in a military strike on a target might roll using their Military approach to represent their internal military resources or using their Political approach to place pressure on the government to handle the strike using national security forces.

The Six Approaches

Organizations have six approaches, each with a rating from -1 to +3. At the start of play, the players should allocate six starting scores (-1, +0, +1, +1, +2, +3) to the six approaches, representing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization. For example, an organization funded by rich and powerful backers but lacking strong scientific resources would choose Good Financial (+3) and Poor Scientific (-1).
  • Covert – Roll Covert whenever the organization attempts to accomplish an objective through tricky or stealthy means, such as utilizing secret special forces or hidden social manoeuvrings.
  • Financial – Roll Financial whenever the organization tries to solve problems by throwing money at them, especially when the organization is applying financial pressure by buying up resources or offering bribes.
  • Military – Roll Military whenever the organization calls upon internal forces to accomplish a military objective, such as striking out at a target or protecting a resource from threats.
  • Political – Roll Political whenever the organization leans on political allies and contacts to accomplish an objective, such as impeding or encouraging the success of political candidates or bypassing governmental obstacles.
  • Scientific – Roll Scientific whenever the organization attempts to solve problems by applying scientific resources, such investigating the scientific origins of the problem or attempting to prototype an experimental device.
  • Supernatural – Roll Supernatural whenever the organization attempts to utilize supernatural resources, such as ancient tomes of hidden knowledge or powerful magical rituals.

Organization Actions

While people within the organization can always take individual actions, it’s possible for the organization to mobilize large resources to accomplish much larger tasks. A single hacker might be able to bring down a computer system for a few hours, but an organization of hackers can shut down the whole network infrastructure of a country. In short, organizations can leverage scale to accomplish objectives that no single character could accomplish.
  • Overcome – Organizations can roll to overcome problems at an enormous scale, launching rescue operations, uncovering secret information, or banishing demons. Note: This should only be used for problems that the organization knows how to solve, not for problems that require the PCs to intervene and explore further.
  • Create Advantage – Organizations can also create advantages for the PCs to use in upcoming scenes. If an organization is going to buy equipment, build new weapon prototypes, or discover crucial information to aid the PCs, use this roll.
  • Attack – Organizations can use this roll to launch attacks on other organizations.
  • Defend – Organizations can defend against attacks using this roll, as long as the defence is supported by the fiction of the story.

Organization Stunts

Organization stunts are exactly like personal stunts, but allow the organization to do something new or unexpected. Feel free to steal from stunts in the Fate Core book, as many of them can be adapted to the organization-level context.

Organization Stress

Organizations don’t suffer mental or physical stress, as they aren't individual characters that can be physically killed. History is filled with the tales of revolutions (or religions) that lived on long past the death of a founder or the destruction of a physical location. Yet some organizations do get stomped out or absorbed by rival organizations that focus political, financial, or legal attacks on their enemies.

To represent the effects of these actions, organizations have a stress track and consequences that can absorb the stress generated by organizational level attacks. Organization stress, however, does not clear until the PCs reach a Significant milestone, and the consequences the organization suffers do not resolve until the organization has made a successful overcome roll and the PCs have reached a Major milestone.

If an organization is taken out in a conflict—attacked by another organization and unable to absorb the stress—the organization fragments and breaks up. This doesn’t mean the organization disappears; the people who used to work there still have crucial information and resources the PCs can use, even if they are no longer part of an organization. Perhaps the PCs even need to put the organization back together to really face the threats of the day.

Organization Advancement

Whenever the PCs reach a Significant milestone, they may:
  • Swap any two organization approaches that are next to each other in the ladder (i.e. Good/Great or Average/Fair)
  • Swap any existing organization stunt for a new stunt.
  • Clear the organization’s stress track
Whenever the PCs reach a Major Milestone, they can choose one of the following:
  • Add +1 to any organization approach.
  • Take a new organization stunt.
  • Remove any organization consequences that are in recovery.
Material used by Permission from +Michael Cambata , Originally created by +Mark Diaz Truman