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Race Preview: The Goliath


Today we present one of the races of Aereon: the Goliaths!


Other Names: Fjellnir; Mountain Giant; Golem (derogatory)


Goliath average 2.2 to 2.5 metres in height, and 300 to 350 kilograms in weight, making them by far the largest of the known sentient species. Their skin appears to be made from finely chiseled granite, and they have no hair of any kind. Their eyes, which appear as multifaceted gemstones, allow them to perceive into the infrared spectrum of light. Due to their physiology Goliaths are naturally incredibly strong and durable, although they do have some difficulty with fine manipulation, especially with tools made for smaller species.

Goliath society is built on a caste-based structure, whereby each goliath is assigned to either the warrior, sage or crafter caste during a spiritually and physically taxing rite of passage. They are led by a Council of Thirteen elected individuals, who represent the people and respond to the words of the Voice of the Ancestors, the Goliaths spiritual leader, to further their society.

A highly spiritual people, the Goliath believe that one’s ancestors continue to live on within the earth after their spirit’s passing, and that the Mists are a key part in this transition. A common Goliath religious saying is ‘From the Mists We Came, to the Mists We Return’, describing their path through life, from birth to death.


The largest of the known sentient species, Goliath stand up to two and a half meters tall and can weigh upwards of 350 kilograms, though the average tends to be closer to 300 kilograms. Their skin appears to be made from finely chiseled granite-like stone, with colours ranging from start white to dark grey. This ‘skin’ is about a quarter inch thick, reaching up to half an inch or more in places such as the chest and thighs, underneath which resides internals similar to that of a human, although much thicker and more difficult to cut. Due to this unique physiology Goliaths are also naturally incredibly strong, resistant to injury, and possess an almost tireless endurance.

They have no hair of any kind, and their eyes appear to be made of complex, multifaceted gemstones, whose structure allows them to perceive into the infrared spectrum of light. Goliaths also mark their bodies with tattoo-like markings to signify great accomplishments or deeds than an individual as achieved.


Built on a caste-based society, the Goliath are led by a council of thirteen that are elected to their position by the society as a whole. The council is led by the words of the High Speaker, the primary attendee for the Voice of the Ancestors. Goliath do not have families are other races traditional consider them; they are ‘born’ in large, communal Birth Chambers, filled with volacite crystal and Mist purified of its corruption, which are attended by specially trained members of the Crafter caste. It is here the Goliaths grow and mature from a foetal state into a young child-like form, from which they then begin their lives as casteless. The Birth Chambers are sacred to the Goliath, and no other race is permitted to see them.

Upon reaching the age maturation, they undergo a spiritually and physically taxing rite of passage. This takes place in a similar environment to the Birth Chambers, where the Goliath undergoes a second series of changes that prepares them for their life as a member of a Caste.

The result of this rite determines what caste the Goliath is assigned to:
  • Drengr ("Warrior"): While all Goliaths are trained for combat on some level, to prepare them for combat against attacks from creatures corrupted by the Mists, the Warrior caste is made up of the elite warriors of Goliath society. Trained as leaders and generals, they act as the strength of the Goliaths, acting out the commands of the Council of Thirteen and the Voice of the Ancestors.
  • Vitur ("Sage"): The Sage caste make up the lore keepers and priests, and recently the scientists, of Goliath society. The learning of advanced knowledge other than what is necessary for one’s role is society is forbidden to anyone save the Sage caste. To become a Sage is seen as a great privilege, as it is the least common of the castes. Just as the Warrior caste are entrusted with the physical safety of the Goliath people, Sages are entrusted with their spiritual and mental wellbeing.
  • Skapar ("Crafter"): The majority of Goliath society, the Crafter caste are made up of artisans, merchants, and farmers, amongst others. While it is not considered the most glorious caste, without them Goliath society would not function. In times of war the Crafter caste is called upon to take up arms, fighting under the command of their Warrior class brethren. The works of the Crafters, from weapons and armour to architecture, is considered some of the best in the word.
Those that do not complete the rite remain as Casteless, and are treated as outcasts in society. To seek work outside your class is generally considered as shameful, as to do so is to ignore the will of the Ancestors.


Goliath society is religiously focused, with the core beliefs based on the idea that one’s ancestors continued to live on within the earth after their passing. The Mists are considered a key part in this transition, as a common Goliath religious saying portrays, ‘From the Mists We Came, to the Mists We Return’, describing their path through life, from birth to death.

For this reason Goliath consider mistspawn to be profane monstrosities that should be eliminated wherever they lie, and it is not uncommon for Goliath 'hunting parties' consisting of a handful of crafter caste lead by one or two warriors to strike out either into the depths of the mountains or into the wilderness for the express reason of killing mistspawn.

Residing at the head of Goliath religion is the Voice of the Ancestors, whose words are considered sacrosanct. He communicates the Will of the Ancestors to the Council of Thirteen through his Speakers. The Speakers are selected from the Sage caste, and are the only ones permitted to speak to the Voice, or enter their Inner Sanctum where the Voice resides. For anyone else to do so is considered to be the greatest taboo in Goliath society, and usually results in execution. There may only be one Voice at any one time, and their successor is chosen by the Voice from their Speakers, to take on the role of the Voice at their passing.

Lands and Relations

No one knows the true origins of the Goliaths, but they now reside within the World Crown Mountains, appearing shortly after large scale seismic activity reshaped the region in the Age of Elements. Although initially hostile to outsiders when first encountered - which resulted in several heated conflicts - the relations between the Goliath and Humans that shared the mountainous region with them soon improved. This is believed to be in part due to the two races sharing a common tongue, despite there being no prior contact between the two peoples, something which scholars continue to debate to this day.

When the Mists engulfed the low lands, the Goliaths opened their doors to refugees, an action that saw the beginnings of the Thulian Technocracy as a society built upon the ideas and knowledge of the Goliath, Human, and Fenrian peoples. At the centre of this empire stands Steinhjem, a majesty of Goliath architecture located within the World Crown Mountains, and a mixture of Goliath, Human and Fenrian culture. While the Technocracy does not follow a Caste-based society like that of the Goliaths, their ideals make up a major portion of the ideals within Thulian society.

Considered some of the best crafters in the world, Goliaths regularly trade with other nations, with their weapons, armour and other equipment prized almost everywhere. They also trade raw gems, minerals and metals, mined from deep within the World Crown Mountains.

Game Information

Racial Aspect

The following things are always true about the Goliath racial aspect:
  • Goliaths can live for several centuries before seeing any effects of aging.
  • Goliath sight is unhindered by darkness, using thermographic vision (see heat sources) to see.
  • Goliath are immune to the natural diseases that affect other races.
The Goliath racial aspect can be invoked for:
  • Goliath are incredibly strong. Invoke when undertaking a task that requires great strength.
  • The stone skin of a Goliath makes them highly resistant to harm. Invoke this to resist any attack.
  • Goliath are stubborn as the earth, and do not change easily. Invoke to resist outside influences.
The Goliath racial aspect can be compelled for:
  • Goliath are stubborn. Compel when being stubborn would hinder the Goliath in some way.
  • Goliath are a religious people, and have strong beliefs relating to the Mists and their origins. Compel when their beliefs or ideals would come into conflict with other races.


The following extras are recommended when creating a Goliath:
  • Master Crafter: Some Goliath are reknown to craft the finest quality items in existence. You are one such Goliath, and receive a +2 to all Craft rolls when crafting any item. Furthermore, any item that is crafted by you will have the ‘Goliath-crafted’ representing its superior craftsmanship. 
  • Stone Skin: The rocky ‘skin’ of a Goliath is about a quarter inch thick, reaching up to half an inch or more in places such as the chest and thighs, underneath which resides internals similar to that of a human, although much thicker and more difficult to cut. This makes them extremely durable and resistant to injury. Some Goliath have even thicker skin. As a result, the Goliath gains Armour:1 against all physical damage.
  • Strength of the Earth: Goliaths are naturally incredibly strong and are known for their almost tireless endurance. However, their large size makes it more difficult to perform acts of fine manipulation, especially with equipment designed for smaller races. When a Goliath attacks unarmed, his fists are considered Weapon:2, and nearly all “raw strength” applications of Physique are at +2. However they suffer a –2 penalty to all tests requiring fine manipulation of some kind, such as picking a lock, or sewing up a wound.

Picture Source: ARTIST NAME