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Preview: New Avalon

Today we are very excited to present our second commissioned map for Aereon - The Imperial City of New Avalon!
Once again this map was commissioned from the very talented French cartographer Maxime Plasse (aka - Max - on Cartographers' Guild forums).

Avalon was the first city to be founded following the fall of the Golden City of Giselias, on a small island off the coast of what would later become mainland Aurelia. It was a peaceful land and the inhabitants prospered.

However, things would not last as, during the Age of Ruin, sudden violent geological activity tore the island apart, with the land pulled beneath the waves, save for the city's centre which instead broke forth from its earthly bounds and drifted skywards.

Years later explorers would come to find the island of Avalon, left drifting amongst the clouds over the Sea of Stars, its once busy streets completely devoid of life, its many statues standing in silent vigil.

Seeing an opportunity, King Henry X of Aurelia immediately ordered the city dragged within his nation's borders over the existing capital. The King immediately relocated to the majestic city, taking over the once abandoned palace as his own, destroying his old palace in the city below. He claimed that the discovery of Avalon by his forces clearly showed that the Gods had chosen him to continue the royal bloodline of Giselias, and that it was his divine right to rule the lands below. To further reinforce his self-imposed divine right to rule, he ordered additional islands to be dragged and secured to the central island, one for each of the Seven Gods.

Once the newly dubbed New Avalon was completed, the King decreed that hence force those of noble standing would no longer be required to walk the same ground as those beneath them, instead they would walk amongst the clouds in the city of New Avalon. The next day he began his military conquest of the region to ‘bring the divine rule of the gods to the heathens’, and act that would eventually result in the Great World War.

Since then New Avalon has only continued to grow, its buildings growing from simple structures into majestic towers that stretched into the clouds, and into the islands themselves in the form of the mysterious Undercity. All the while the lower class below on the surface suffered under the harsh rulership of the aristocracy.

New Avalon is just one of many cities that will be presenting in the upcoming Eternity: Steel and Steam campaign setting book, due to be kick started early 2014!

Picture Source: Maxime Plasse (Cartographer)