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January Update

Hi folks, it's been quite some time since our last blog entry, but never fear, we're still alive and kicking, just been a little quiet while we've been working on the setting and enjoying the Christmas and New Years break period. So, what exactly have we been up to? Read on to find out!

The Road So Far

Setting Development

As mentioned before, the team and I have been steadily working on setting material for the game, including nine major empires, many of which have smaller kingdoms within their borders, such as Aurelia, which has eight nations that make up the entire empire. Each one of these nations (or city states, in some cases) will get full write ups, including things like story hooks so that Game Masters can jump right into the story with their players.

To give you an idea, here's the current list of empires (and the nations that make up their lands). Note that some of these names aren't final, so they may change between now and the final product.
  • Aurelia
    • Aurelia
    • Kyvar
    • Rosbaen
    • Kadesan
    • Kir
    • Talessia
    • Caen
    • Prycia
  • Northern Borderlands
    • Northlands
    • Wester Great Court
    • Central Great Court
    • Wintervale
  • Thule
    • Thule
    • Eastern Great Court
    • Erieajar
    • Daendra
    • Gwyn
  • Hemshaol
    • Western Hemshaol
    • Eastern Hemshaol
  • Auwhette
  • Moorlands
  • Shattered Isles (City States)
    • Arbouros, the Living City
    • Corinthis, the Clockwork City
    • Disporia, the Rogue City
    • Kaern, the Mountain City
    • Kazar, the Burning City
    • Khal, the Smoking City
    • Rhodes, the Shining City
    • Rurick, the Wandering City
    • Sur’kaar, the Sunken City
  • Maelinon
  • Ashen Kingdoms
    • Ashmari Stonelands
    • Ashorin Mountains
  • Morg Az'kar
For those interested to see where these all lie, here's a work in progress map that we're using as a reference for our work.


In addition to all this setting development, we've had some talented artists put together some artwork for the setting, both of its environs and its creatures. Here is a taste.

The Hjelgol, a species of herd animal native to the Northern Borderlands.

Various species from the Northern Borderlands.

The Spinewolf, and another yet unnamed Mistspawn, found in the cold Northern Borderlands and the rocky deserts to the south, respectively.

What's Still to Come

What's next? Well, our team (+Peter Gates+T.J. Hafer, and +Dylan Schmeyer) is continuing the work on the various setting details, hammering out a sizable bestiary, full of both natural and unnatural goodies for characters to encounter (and potentially run away screaming from, just take the Mistspawn Titan as an example), and putting together an armoury stocked with strange and unusual technologies! Meanwhile, +Jacob Poss, whilst also helping out with all of the above, is also putting together revised rules for skyships for the setting, which we are really grateful for!

In other news, the kickstarter launch date for the project is aimed to be early to mid March. We'll have more details closer to the date!

Picture Source: Brynn Metheney and Mike Corriero