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March Update


Hi folks, here's another update on how things are progressing regarding the setting. Read on to find out what we've been up to the last two months!

The Road So Far: Current Progress

So, things have been very busy here at Silverhold studios. We've been hard at work writing up more setting material, including filling out the various regions, tidying up the racial entires, expanding the regional map to include the southern lands, developing the languages of the region and hashing out some more rules. On the tip side there have been some delays with the development of our logo (both Silverhold Studios and Aereon) so that has in turn delayed the kickstarter launch, as we want to make sure that's all in place before we proceed. Current estimates put it at mid-May at the earliest, although we will strive to get it out earlier.

Regional Map

As I mentioned above, we've expanding the regional map to include some more of the lands to the south, mainly because we felt that it would be more interesting to show the Aslani and some of the Nagazi homelands. You can find our current work in progress map here.

Setting Sample: The Moorlands

As a bonus, here is one of the section we've written up describing the Moorlands.

Southeast of the Silver Sea, between the borders of Auwhette and Daendra rests the Moorlands. This dense, overgrown swampland is teaming with life, but there is a catch: each and every living creature is part of the hivemind intelligence known as the Moors. The Moors is an insidious, ever-growing organism that takes control whoever and whatever it encounters, becoming stronger and more intelligent in the process. Numerous tales depict entire towns of people mysteriously vanishing in the night, only to be later found ‘one with the Moors’.

Those that are taken, called Moormen, gradually become mindless husks. Blighted with parasitic spores that dominate their minds and transform their physiology into a plant-flesh hybrid, Moormen hardly resemble their original selves. They reside in isolated colonies, that were once existing settlements, scattered throughout the moors. With the assistance of the ten-foot high, insect-like Moor Striders, Moormen defend and maintain the region around their colony with single-minded diligence. To compensate, the Moors provide whatever needs the Moormen require, eliminating their need to hunt, forage, or care for themselves.

It is not uncommon for the Moorlands to take over entire settlements in its ongoing expansion. Using small animals to spread its spores with little outward signs of infection, the Moors waits until the entire town is under its sway before calling them ‘home’. Because of this danger, people who reside near the Moorlands consider the area a cancerous disease, however, they are too afraid of the Moors to act against it.

While the Moorlands continues to pose a threat to the region, it also possesses an unnatural ability to purify the heavy Mists shrouding the area. This phenomenon has drawn much attention to those who seek means to combat the Taint, but the Moors retains a tight grasp on its secrets. The Moorlands’ existence remains a point of heavy contention for many in the region.

Emerald Glade
At the centre of the region rests the Emerald Glade, a serene clearing containing long forgotten remains of an ancient cathedral with a massive tree over one-hundred metres high now growing at its centre. It is at the base of this tree that the Moorlord sits and waits. An ancient being speculated to be the original human host to the Moors, the Moorlord resembles a nine-foot tall man with flesh made of moss and bark garbed in clothes fashioned from animal hide and leaves, a large pair of antlers protruding from its forehead. Those that have spoken to the Moorlord, either directly or through one of its many messengers, describe ‘him’ as a kind and welcoming old man. Despite this friendly façade, the Moorlord is an insidious and immensely patient intelligence with only one goal: to grow.

Deadman’s March
Known as Deadman’s March, this vast, haunting marshland marks the northernmost borders of the Moorlands. Aside from acting as a natural barrier of entry, it also holds a secondary, more sinister purpose. Within the waters of the March lie thousands of bodies in suspended animation, an excess population whose physical presence are not required by the Moors. The water limits the body’s natural biological processes, including decay, while leaving the brain’s mental functions intact for the Moors’ own use. Should any one of these bodies be required for a task they may be awoken at a moments notice, ready to serve.

Lake of Serenity
Towards the western borders of the Moorlands sits a beautiful, tranquil lake some two-hundred metres in diameter, its waters so still that they reflect the horizon perfectly. Not a single living creature can been seen marring the landscape, and for good reason. Those that do disturb this peaceful waterscape are pulled into its depths by dozens of tentacular limbs bursting forth from the water. At the centre of the lake rests a small island about ten metres across. On the island stands a mysterious, crumbling stone tower. Those who attempted to explore the contents of the tower have never returned.

What's Still to Come: Upcoming Work

The team will continue writing up material as the kickstarter approaches, and we'll aim to have these updates up a little more often (and some posts from the other members of our team). Specifics include finishing off the Northern Borderlands material, hammering out some more of the language details, and writing out the revised timeline.