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April Update

April's Update is a little late this time round, mainly because life decided to catch up with me and demand my undivided attention. However, as you may have noticed we have some good news!

Current Progress

As you can see we've finally settled on a logo for the company! It was a long time coming, and after +Xavier Ho threw together the first mock up of this design, it just kind of clicked with the rest of us. This leads onto the next big thing on the horizon is the development of our Kickstarter video because, as you may have worked out, we're looking at Kickstarting the project very soon! In the same vein we're putting the other aspects of the project together that we need ready for the Kickstarter launch, as well as speaking to publishers regarding distribution and the likes. So, things are happening, albeit a little slower than we planned, but patience is a virtue!

In other news we're continuing development of various regions, racial descriptions, languages, and the likes for the setting.

Upcoming Work

More of the same, essentially. Getting the various pieces of the Kickstarter puzzle put together and making sure everything is ready to go. This will require a little paperwork on our part, but we hope to have the Kickstarter up and running come the start of the new financial year!