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About Us

Silverhold Studios was created by a group of friends to share with the world all the crazy ideas that they developed as their followed their dreams and passion for game design.

Peter Gates (Co-Founder/Author)

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering and Science at the University of Technology, Sydney, Peter has always had a penchant for Game Design, Cartography and Art. He runs regular campaigns for his group, and enjoys introducing unexpected twists during sessions that leaves his players wondering what else is around the corner. He also enjoys Fantasy and Sci-Fi books, with his favourite authors including Jim Butcher, Raymond E. Feist, Steven King, and Tolkien, to name a few.

T.J. Hafer (Co-Founder/Author)

T.J. is a 1200-year-old immortal Viking warrior poet with a day job as a video game journalist in his current incarnation. He calls the mountains of Colorado home, and took some classes about environmental science or anthropology or something at a community college. He loves to write, play RPG and strategy games on the PC, listen to obscure European folk metal, and run tabletop campaigns.

Dylan Schmeyer (Co-Founder/Author)

A professional actor and comic with candidacy for a Juris Doctorate, Dylan has always sought to bring his love of storytelling and entertainment to new and exciting mediums. An avid fan of science fiction and fantasy, Dylan brings his enthusiasm and passion to any gaming group, and seeks to write and produce experiences that mean as much to fans new and old as his have to him.